Join me from the comfort of your own home. See class descriptions down the page.



Wednesday : 6pm - 6.40pm - Legs & Bum



Thursday : 6.20pm - 7.20pm - Pilates Mixed Ability




Single class - £8  and packages below are available by clicking the chosen class in Bookings


4 Sessions

Access to any online classes.

Valid for 7 weeks


6 Online Sessions

Access to any online classes.

Valid for 9 weeks



Using Zoom app, a user-friendly platform on your phone/tablet/laptop/desktop. If you feel unsure about Zoom, I'm MORE then happy to guide and help you before you try a class. Just reach out to me.

I teach Modern Pilates, following the most recent scientific principals and research to provide the safest and most efficient workout sessions.

In my classes you are taught to align your body perfectly before starting an exercise, and to focus on individual muscle groups and work on them without putting strain on other areas. You will learn the fundamental principals of Pilates, using the resistance of your own body, the mat exercises promotes a balance and coordination between strength and flexibility, muscular and mental activity, correct breathing technique and an increase in range and ease of movement.

Pilates Mixed Ability

A challenging but fun class. Intermediate level.  Suitable for past clients and newcomers with an

intermediate fitness level or past Pilates experience.

Legs & Bum

A 40 minutes session focusing on firing up the legs and glutes. It's intense at your own level as options are given. Working both in isolation and gross muscle engagement, improving both inner and outer muscle groups. This class is suitable for anyone.  

Stretch & Relax

This class starts with a warm up which includes gentle exercises to warm up the muscles, so they are prepared for stretching. The session also includes a relaxation phase to unwind the body and mind. A perfect relaxing treat, especially towards stress, anxiety and for general mental health.

HIIT Pulse Pilates - Mixed Ability

A combination of Pilates and HIIT for the most effective calorie burn, endurance, core and full body strength work out.

I will bring your pulse up, getting you to work for your breath for a short period of time and then allow rest for the double amount of time. So short bite sizes of tough movements and rest. This will happen for each exercise in repetition, which allows for different fitness levels to fit in. And as always, I will provide alternatives, regressions, progressions when needed.



Hear What They Have to Say

Thanks for the classes this week Sandra, my body certainly know its worked hard this week. Have a lovely weekend and see you next week. - Andrew

Hey Sandra
Just thought I would let you know it’s the best thing I have done for myself for so many years.  These last few weeks I have realised how much pain I used to be in now that it’s gone or going.  Getting out of bed isn’t excruciating anymore and the hips and feet are not constantly on fire. I still have a long journey to go to get my health back on track with weight but this has made feel like for the first time in forever it’s possible. Thank you for everything you do. - Z

Hi Sandra
I thought I’d just drop you a line to say how great your Pilates classes are. You obviously put a lot of thought into all that you do and it’s very professional. You genuinely care and it’s lovely. Thank you.

We’ll see you on Tuesday and Wednesday. Have a lovely weekend. - S



Just to say how useful I found your guidance on sitting at a desk & particularly using a "mouse". The timing was great - I had been having some shoulder ache since the end of last week. Today I followed your tips & its feeling a lot better this evening. Thanks again & see you tomorrow evening.

Take care.  - Doug