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From the initial beginners’ workshop (which included a needs assessment) to weekly lessons in class and via Zoom, I have really enjoyed Sandra’s Pilates classes.  She is fun, enthusiastic, professional and highly knowledgeable.  She provides step by step tuition and is happy to adapt exercises to suit each student’s individual abilities and needs, including whether a student needs a lower or higher level of intensity.  Her attention to detail is evident - Sandra is always on the look out for where we need to be careful and where we need a little extra encouragement.  I have really noticed the positive difference Sandra’s classes have added to my core strength. I am so glad that I found her.


Wed. 10th April

Easter Break Only!

A chance to try this fun, low impact but high intensity 45 minute workout.

 Combining Pilates and ballet-inspired movements, targeting your entire body. No dance experience is needed. Working on muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, and core stability. Improving cardio health without jumping around.

Barre Pilates uses high reps with low-weight micro-movements until muscles reach fatigue, bringing on ‘The Shake’!
Using both mat and Ballet Barre (standing), we target upper body exercises with light weights and body weight, resistance bands, and ball to target legs, bum, and core. 

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Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17
















I love how the Pilates classes in West Wickham has grown into its own warm community. There is always so much chatter, laughs and connections in between hard work in classes - I want to bring the opportunity for everyone to meet outside of class. Real friendships are made and we work not just on muscles but human connections too : ) 
Something I'm very proud of!



Stepping it up

Once a month, clients from any class can join a nature walk at Sparrow's Den, West Wickham. This is completely free to join!



Tuesday Morning Class

Sometimes we have a coffee after class to chat, connect and enjoy each others company outside of class.


Absolutely love Sandra's classes. I was a total Pilates novice to now a complete convert. The sessions are challenging, fun and relaxing every week. It's really helped my core strength, posture, flexibility and squash.


Extremely professional, knowledgeable and passionate which comes through in her classes. Having her own illness, she turned to Pilates for healing. She’s such an inspiration and a fighter now helping others overcome their struggles too.


I'e never done Pilates before joining Sandra's class but fast forward 8 months and I'm a complete convert. I can purely put this down to her teaching - despite it being a mixed level group she recognises everyone's levels and pushes and inspires each of us to reach our goals. She tailors each exercise to individual abilities and you can see with her great and positive encouragement, she wants us to work to our best and get the most out of it. Couldn't recommend her class enough! Thanks Sandra : )


Having tried several pilates classes over the years I had convinced myself that it was not for me. The classes were large and I was never sure if what I was doing was correct. A chance conversation with a friend led me to Sandra's beginners class in Beckenham. What a different experience! A small class, with clear instructions, each exercise demonstrated and explained and individual monitoring with adaptions if necessary. Now I know what I'm doing! I highly recommend Sandra for her professionalism, enthusiasm and for making it fun.


I find Sandra's classes very enjoyable as there is such a friendly atmosphere. She is very knowledgeable and her passion for Pilates inspires her students. Sandra does work us hard and likes to challenge us but gives different options for exercises and you decide for yourself which level you want to go to. Sandra is also always very aware of anyone who has a problem and will suggest a different, more suitable way for that person to do an exercise. I highly recommend Sandra as a Pilates tutor.


Have really enjoyed attending Sandra's Sunday morning classes. Sandra is a great communicator and is able to instruct all abilities in one class, really attentive and gives clear instructions so always feel safe. It has been a great way to get back into Pilates, will definitely keep going as an invigorating start for a Sunday morning, feeling strong and ready for the week a head. Thank you Sandra


'I have struggled for years with pain in my feet that really prevented me from exercising in any meaningful way, however, with other health issues, I desperately needed to do something! Sandra advertised for her classes and I was nervous but she made me feel confident. She put my mind at ease and assured me that I could do this. I am not a fit person, never have been. Her class has made a huge difference in such a short time. I am feeling better overall. Pain is abating in my feet, but most importantly, Sandra has restored a self belief that even a unfit mum of two teens can do pilates. I am on my way to fitness for the first time in my life. Sandra is a gift and makes every student feel important.'


I really enjoy my Pilates with Sandra. She is very patient with us ' not so young ones' . If one of us have a bad back, leg or arm for example, she will adjust an exercise to suit our needs. Looking forward to resuming after the summer break.



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Introduction to

Pilates Workshop

Designed for beginners or those returning to Pilates looking to perfect their technique.
You will learn the fundamental principles of Pilates, including core engagement, breathing technique and body control.

This workshop is especially useful for those who have never done Pilates before and feel unsure about partaking in regular classes. It will give participants the confidence to join any future Pilates class. 

Mobility Workshop

A Comprehensive movement - based system designed to improve joint health, mobility and functional movement.

'Today's mobility workshop was brilliant! It was really insightful listening to Sandra talk about FRC, what it is and the science behind it, rather than just going straight into exercises. It made the exercises make a lot more sense when we then went on to go them. It was also really interesting to learn the difference between flexibility and mobility and how using force in exercises can make such a difference and actually change what is happening between your body and your brain.


I'm much more likely to continue to do the exercises we learnt at home now that I know the science behind it and that if we don't use it, we'll lose it! ' - Fran

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