FRC is a system of joint health and mobility training based on scientific principles and research. Focusing on human movement optimisation working on mobility development, articular strength, and neurological control. Developed by world – renowned musculoskeletal and human movement expert Dr Andreo Spina. 

The system has a healthy and honest view of the evolutionary perspective of health, asking and answering what the homo sapiens were naturally selected to do. And in the modern, technologically advanced world we live in today, we are straying further away from our hunter and gatherer biology. We have developed a movement deficit and we are not moving as much as dictated by our DNA, nor as much we are required in order to maintain musculoskeletal health. This system brings us back to be ‘more human’

Mobility refers to the amount of USABLE motion that one possesses across a particular articulation or joint. The more mobile a person is, the more they are able to maximise their movement potential safely, efficiently and effectively.

There are 3 main goals when training using FRC® system and all are closely interrelated, and acquired simultaneously:
1) Mobility Development
2) Joint Strength
3) Body Control

Whom is this for?

For absolutely anyone.

FRC is used to assess dysfunctional joints, rehab from movement deficits, injury, surgery, inflammation, musculoskeletal conditions to high end sports performance by NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS and UFC Athletes to mitigate injuries while increasing overall performance.

The truth is, that in today's modern age, everyone has a dysfunctional joint somewhere which can cause little or significant pain, or problems in other joints which needs to step in and compensate for the troubled joint.



Online Livestreaming via Zoom

Due to its complexity and time management I will be running two separate classes, - Upper Body and Lower Body.

Joints need movement, and your ability to move well is based on the health of your joints. In these classes we will work on improving and develop strength, mobility, and control.

The classes will always start with guided and demonstrated Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) followed by PAILs and RAILs. Please see below.

CARs movements:

 The only way to access a joint is capsular axis rotation and it is a prerequisite for everything except the spine. Rotational deficit must be taken care of before linear. It promotes joint health and longevity and is defined as ‘active, rotational movement at the outer limits of articular motion’. These movements help to maintain joint health, identify movement deficit, and will act as a “warm up” for the joint and neuromechanical interplay in the joint movement.

CARs Benefits -

Range of motion (ROM) Maintenance

Articular health & longevity

Articular screening (understanding where you have a dysfunctional joint)


Provides input/stimuli to muscles to maintain capacity and better workspace in the joint.

Preventing fibrotic tissue/scar tissue

Delaying/preventing the onset of osteoarthritis

Improves Joint hygiene. Cartilage has no blood supply but movement pumps out old fluid & pumps in new fluid/nutrients into the joints. Great when suffering from inflammatory illness. Movement heals!


By training PAILs & RAILs, you can simultaneously expand and create active and usable ranges of motion.

PAILs – Progressive Angular Isometric Loading

RAILs - |Regressive Angular Isometric Loading.

‘You can’t move, where you can’t move!’ is a famous quote by Dr. Spina. And if you cannot move there, then you can’t strength train there. It is not possible to train tissue that you can’t reach (move into).

We need to give specific input/forces to the tissue involved in the joint. We do this by strength training the lengthen and shortened tissue on both sides of an end range joint position with incremental isometric loading. By isometrically contracting the lengthened tissue and override the stretch reflex allowing you to access to a deeper range of motion. By contracting the shortened tissue, you build strength and control on the other side of the joint allowing your nervous system to feel safer in the given range.

PAILs & RAILs Benefits –

Improves & expands Range of motion (ROM),mobility and flexibility

Teaches the nervous system how to control larger range of motions

Prepares the tissue to work in the newly acquired ranges.

Increases tissue resilience, therefore prevents injury to happen or recur.

Helps damaged tissue to heal

Isometric contractions strengthen tissue without joint shear/inflammation

Improves motor unit activation and neurological drive and control.



Working on Feet, Ankles, Knees, and Hips.

7.40PM – 8.40PM
Starts 12th November
Price - £10 per session


Working on Hands & Wrists, Elbow, Shoulders and Spine.

7.40PM – 8.40PM
Starts 10th November
Price - £10 per session


I have really enjoyed Sandra’s FRC classes.  Sandra provides a course adapted for students’ specific needs - we all have different bodies and problems. Sandra’s in-depth knowledge of anatomy and passion for her subject is impressive.  Her FRC classes have given us a foundation for ongoing range and mobility development via daily practice of the CARs as well as immediately visible gains via PAILS/RAILS.  The extent of the benefits available from FRC, has been a real eye-opener.  Sandra has also explained/developed measures we might take to recognise and prevent poor alignment/habits and she has worked to ensure that we are all able to progress our range noting which areas may need more work.  Sandra’s style of teaching is personalised, fun, and informative. I will definitely be continuing with this class.