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Going back into training

When we go back into training after a long break, no matter the reason, we need to focus on 3 main things.

  • Respect

  • Kindness

  • Core


Is when we work with dignity for the body in its current state and it's part of smart training, rather than hard. The body will become what we tell it to be - An active lifestyle will produce active tissue and joints, sedentary lifestyle will produce an immobile and stiff body. We must respect the body by introducing movement and activity slowly in order to avoid injury.


Choose activities that allow you to work at your own level and do not compare yourself to others. Yes, we are all human beings in a class setting but we come to class with our own life/body stories.

In a class setting, let your instructor know if something hurts or doesn't feel right. We are there to guide you and adjust the workout to suit you better.

Safety should always be the priority and then we progress the intensity slowly to build up the neuromuscular strength and mobility.


The core is Queen/King and we need it switched on before moving anything else. So here is where I always start. The main focus is to find core engagement again with basic core exercises ( pelvic tilts, side leg lowers, leg lifts, and dead bug) and slowly build up the intensity in order to progress. It takes time, persistence, and repetition.

* Core engagement is an internal activation of 4 muscles working together. It's not something you can see from the outside, but an internal isometric contraction. (Isometric contraction is a muscle activation without movement - tensing/squeezing)

When we gain control from the core, we gain freedom in body & movement ~ Sandra Franco

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