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The Warrior

This is Debbie. An Arthritis warrior with double hip replacements, arthritic knees, and recently suffered a rib fracture.

I have had the pleasure of working with Debbie for many years, and she never misses a class. She shows up every week no matter what, and we work at the level that her body allows for and with what can be prescribed to her for safety reasons. Sometimes it’s on a chair, other times on a mat. She is there.

Some phases feel strong and triumphant, and both Debbie and I glow with pride and contentment. (She can do some serious moves) She is there.

Some of the times, things have been tougher for Debbie, and she faces hardships in her long-term condition. She is there.

She understands the importance of still showing up. Not for me but for her. The key to self-efficacy is showing up. It’s the Doing. The doing is what will lead to more doing and the doing creates the changes we desire. Those changes lead us to happiness in self. Self–love, is showing up.

I have so much admiration and respect for Debbie and many more clients like her I get to work with. I wanted to give this strong, wise woman with a golden heart a massive shoutout. I’m so proud of you Debbie!

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