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Pilates Event 2021 - West Wickham

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

The first Video is a little preview of the event which took place on the 20th of November in West Wickham Hall. Scroll down for the full video : )

It was an amazing morning with incredible people coming together to exercise and socialise !

Thank you all for coming - it was such a treat to have so many clients coming along to enjoy this event and a massive thanks for the wonderful messages, reviews and feedback. Something I will certainly cherish !

The final video is currently still in the making but in the meantime I want to share a clip from my lovely client - Sheryl. Thank you for your beautiful message Sheryl and thank you Jane for your wonderful work with the interviews.

Stay tuned for another video soon ; )



Photography by Jo Clewley

Running into quite a few problems with the video editing program - I have finally managed to create a little film from the event. Not the best quality but it is something ! : ) The idea was to add subtitles as the audio in the interviews is a little difficult to hear due to background noise and to add a few more clips. But my software finally gave up on me and I nearly threw my laptop out the window lol

Luckily, I had this version saved before it went up in smoke.

Photos from the day will be added soon too : )

With all of your beautiful messages and reviews - I just want to remind you all how much you inspire me and how YOU are the driving force of your own hard work and progressions.

I only teach and guide you. It is YOU that show up to class every week, apply yourselves regardless of busy workdays, hot summer days or dark and cold winter months. The reward from that investment is a happier and healthier you. I'm so proud of you all!

Much love,


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